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REMU Microfinance Bank is a nationwide microfinance that is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya under the Micro finance Act and Regulations (2008). We specialize in offering financial services to all the sectors of the economy targeting mainly those who are not able to access financial services from commercial banks.


Head Office & Finance House Branch

14th floor finance house, Loita street
P.O. Box 20833-00100, Nairobi
Tel: +254 20 2214483, 2215387/8
Mobile: 0733 554555

Meru Branch

Tom Mboya street
P.O. Box 586-60200, Meru
Tel: 06431-32760/1/2/3
Mobile: 0737 553555

Kimathi House Branch

Lower ground floor, Kimathi house
P.O. Box 20833-00100, Nairobi
Tel: 22153 80/84/88
Mobile: 0733 553555

Maua Branch

Maua Plaza
P.O. Box 239-00600, Maua
Tel: 064-21000
Mobile: 0737 554557

Our Products

The products we offer are tailored to meet the needs of our clients and shall enable them to improve their status in life. We aim at the productivity of the client to enable them achieve their full potential which has hitherto been elusive due to the perceived risky nature of providing financial services to such clients.

Jipange Budget Savings

This is an account suitable for investment groups and merry go round (Chama) saving for a project and benefit from REMU’s group project loans. It has no monthly charges and earns a monthly interest of up to 2%.

Kikundi Dhabiti Savings Account

In line with the goal of empowering customers to cross to the next level, this account is for saving regularly (weekly, monthly, etc.) towards the budget. It has no monthly charges and requires a minimum operating balance of KES 1,000.

Lil’ Angel Savings Account

This account targets children under the age of 18 years. It helps to inculcate a savings culture in children from an early age. Free to make deposits whenever you like and backed up by support and guidance, you’ll be encouraging your child to save and learn about the value of money and how to stay on top of their finances.

This account earns a 3% interest rate quarterly, with a minimum operating balance of KES 300.

  • Piggy bank for every active account.
  • 1 bankers cheques per term.
  • Free debit card
  • Branded merchandise.
  • Birthday cakes delivered to the child at home/ school.

REMU Fixed Deposit

This is an account that helps customers to invest the surplus amount with no monthly charge. Get a free standing order with any other account within REMU.

Taratibu Account

This is an interest earning transactional account that allows one to deposit money and withdraw as one wishes with no limit. Earn interest of up to 4% p.a with savings more than KES 5,000 with no monthly charges.